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The Son Rises


Stephanie Wood

What does it look like to be a Christian in politics? This article from the Sydney Morning Herald offers a glimpse into the life of former Regent student Mike Baird who is currently a state parliamentarian in New South Wales, Australia. While in some ways Baird is following in the footsteps of his father, the choice to enter politics was circuitous, first scaling the heights of the banking industry, and then training for pastoral ministry.

As becomes apparent from this article, Baird sees politics as a way in which he can serve people and live out his vocation as a Christian. In doing so, he offers us an example of what it looks like to be a Christian in politics and to face challenges from working out the expression “allegiance first to God and then to party” to balancing family life with political commitments.

Who else do you know that’s doing an admirable job of being a Christian in the political sphere?

What are particular challenges that Christians in the political arena face?

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

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