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Values of a Public Faith: A Contribution to a Conversation

Miroslav Volf

Each year Christians around the world are asked to cast their vote in elections. In doing so, they come face-to-face with the difficult question of how to practically apply their faith in the political realm. When we come to vote we must choose between a finite set of possibilities—there will never be a perfect politician or one to whom we can wholly align ourselves. What we may find helpful is a set of criteria upon which to weigh the various merits of the candidates before us.

In this public post, respected theologian Miroslav Volf outlines the values he uses to guide himself at the voting booth. For each value, he offers a description, a biblical rationale, likely points of debate over the issue, and a handful of helpful questions to ask with respect to that value. The list of values that Volf outlines is incredibly helpful and, while be no means definitive or prescriptive for all situations, it should serve as a good starting point for any Christian trying to be thoughtful about their vote.

Source: The Brazos Blog

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