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What's So Great About "The Common Good"?


Andy Crouch

“The Common Good” is a phrase that often gets bandied about when trying to describe what it is that Christians are working towards in the public sphere. But what does it mean? In this article for Christianity Today, Andy Crouch (author of Culture Making) tracks the history of that phrase including its use by Thomas Aquinas and its revival in the work of Pope Leo XIII and his contemporaries. Crouch also shows how—when used properly—it can address the temptation to focus too sharply on either the collective or the individual. Furthermore, the phrase can provide us with inclusive language that draws in other belief systems while also remaining Christian at its core. Through this article, Crouch gives greater weight in our current age to a rich Christian tradition.

What language best expresses what Christians should be about in society?

What are you doing to work towards the "common good"?

Source: Christianity Today

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