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Why We Need Small Towns


Jake Meador

In an age of increasing urbanization, it is tempting for society at large to see small towns as regressive.  In this article, Jake Meador suggests contemporary evangelical Christianity has implicitly embraced this perspective, evident in the rapid growth of large urban churches, the influence of these churches nationally and internationally, and the high demand and low supply of pastors in small-town America. 

Meador sees that while much good comes from urban evangelicalism, it is susceptible to the ills of urbanism more generally, especially overwork and transience.  Meador implores evangelicals to take the lead in promoting the small-town way, creating a culture where intimate community is celebrated over fast-paced individualism.  Meador’s article will challenge urban Christians to consider how the urban culture around them influences the church, and to consider what it means to live faithfully in this environment.

What are the benefits and drawbacks to urbanization?

Are the small-town values Meador talks about as significant for urban Christianity as he suggests?  If so, what steps might urban Christians take to allow these values to inform their practice and to influence urban culture more broadly?

Source: Christianity Today

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