Help Us Bring Reframe to You!

November 15, 2012

AQUEDUCT, NOVEMBER 2012 – The Marketplace Institute is currently pursuing production of the new thought-provoking course called ReFrame. Our desire is to raise enough funds to turn the course into an online film series, thus bringing the core foundations of Regent’s world-class teaching to local churches around the world.

Especially designed for groups, ReFrame is a ten-week discipleship course exploring how the Bible and the power of Christ reframe our lives, and invites us to reframe our world with him. It was initiated out of the conviction that the gospel involves everyone and everything. It is a dynamic course that helps everyday people connect the gospel with all aspects of life—everywhere. ReFrame’s vision is to unleash the Church’s missional impact in society by helping ordinary Christians live out the gospel in their workplaces, coffee shops, gyms, labs, homes, and cities: the whole of life, everywhere.

“On the road to Emmaus, two things happened. First, ‘starting with Moses and all the prophets,’ the disciples heard the story in a fresh way, and knowing the Big Story reframed everything. Second, they had an encounter with Jesus, and that encounter re-inspired them.  We hope churches and small groups will experience both, through ReFrame.”

--Paul Williams, Executive Director, Marketplace Institute

Explore ReFrame further, and help us bring this unique course to you!

About the Regent College Marketplace Institute

The Marketplace Institute (MI) is a theological research and design institute associated with Regent College in Vancouver, Canada. Our vision is for the gospel to be recognized as public truth again. We want to see Christians owning the gospel in all aspects of their lives, and demonstrating its positive impact at all levels of society—individuals, communities, sectors, and the entire marketplace of ideas. Through our research and our grounding in the calibre of theological education found at Regent College, our mission is to provide and embody fresh, reliable, and well-informed expressions of the gospel that reveal its truth, necessity, and relevance to all spheres of public life.