MI Senior Fellow, Preston Manning, Receives 2012 Alberta Order of Excellence

November 15, 2012

AQUEDUCT, NOVEMBER 2012 – Preston Manning, the first Senior Fellow of the Regent College Marketplace Institute, was inducted into the 2012 Alberta Order of Excellence on October 17, 2012. “The Alberta Order of Excellence is the highest honour the Province of Alberta can bestow on a citizen” and is awarded to Albertans on the basis of enduring contributions toward positive change in society at a provincial, national, or international level.

"We feel very privileged to work alongside Preston Manning as a Senior Fellow of the Marketplace Institute. This award is thoroughly deserved by someone who continues to function as a true Statesman of Canadian political life, avoiding partisan politics and committed to the common good. We greatly appreciate Preston's presence at Regent College since he joined us at the MI last January and are delighted to see Preston's many gifts affirmed in this way."

--Paul Williams, Executive Director, Marketplace Institute

You can find more on the Alberta Order of Excellence along with an interview with Preston here.

About Preston Manning’s Senior Fellowship with the Marketplace Institute

The Marketplace Institute Senior Fellows extend the impact of the MI by providing thought leadership in their areas of expertise and by assisting to promote the MI in various networks. Preston Manning is working with the MI on the development and communication of faith-informed approaches to political leadership and public policy, including new approaches to the intersection of faith with democratic governance, the market economy, pluralism and multiculturalism, science and technology, and environmental stewardship.

About the Regent College Marketplace Institute

The Marketplace Institute (MI) is a theological research and design institute associated with Regent College in Vancouver, Canada. Our vision is for the gospel to be recognized as public truth again. We want to see Christians owning the gospel in all aspects of their lives, and demonstrating its positive impact at all levels of society—individuals, communities, sectors, and the entire marketplace of ideas. Through our research and our grounding in the calibre of theological education found at Regent College, our mission is to provide and embody fresh, reliable, and well-informed expressions of the gospel that reveal its truth, necessity, and relevance to all spheres of public life.