Marketplace Institute Went “Public” in Hong Kong

February 11, 2013

In November 2012, the Marketplace Institute launched a dynamic and new partnership with Hong Kong University through a series of events titled “Going Public: Christian Engagement in the Secular World.” The events were organized and hosted by HKU’s Faith and Global Engagement Initiative, with over 400 people in attendance over the weekend of workshops and lectures offered at the university and in the city. It was an action packed weekend for the MI team.

On Friday, November 23rd, Dr. John Stackhouse, Paul Williams, and Mark Mayhew presented a series of talks focused on the integration of faith and work in business. Dr. Stackhouse laid a framework for work, business, and creativity within the biblical narrative. Professor Williams then examined modern capitalism in light of a biblical perspective on economics. Mark Mayhew concluded by exploring ways Christians can innovate for the Kingdom within existing business paradigms.

Later that evening, Paul Williams delivered a public lecture to a packed audience on the topic of the role of Christian faith in secular society titled "When Christianity Goes Public: Credible? Incredible? Incredulous?" Williams explored the question of whether faith presents a problem in a globalized secular world. He challenged the notion of a neutral secular society, and argued for the benefit—even necessity—of modern society to recover its capacity to include faith and non-faith perspectives within public discussions and important societal issues.

The weekend concluded with a day conference focusing on the overall theme of how Christians should engage the secular world. The event featured John Stackhouse providing the “meaning of life” (in 45 minutes!); presentations and workshops on business, citizenship, burnout, and art; and Paul Williams exploring how we live as Christians in the secular world by reflecting on the concept of ambassadorship through the life of Daniel as an exemplar.

The MI is delighted to be part of the ongoing conversation at Hong Kong University and is looking forward to heading back to Hong Kong in March 2013 to do some internal training events. We plan to hold another public series of events with the Faith and Global Engagement Initiative in November 2013. Do check back with us for more information.

About the Regent College Marketplace Institute

The Marketplace Institute (MI) is a theological research and design institute associated with Regent College in Vancouver, Canada. Our vision is for the gospel to be recognized as public truth again. We want to see Christians owning the gospel in all aspects of their lives, and demonstrating its positive impact at all levels of society—individuals, communities, sectors, and the entire marketplace of ideas. Through our research and our grounding in the calibre of theological education found at Regent College, our mission is to provide and embody fresh, reliable, and well-informed expressions of the gospel that reveal its truth, necessity, and relevance to all spheres of public life.