"Business as Usual or Business for Good?" MI presents at HKU's Faith and Global Engagment Event

January 31, 2014

In November 2013 a team of staff and board members from the Marketplace Institute traveled to Hong Kong to join Hong Kong University's Faith and Global Engagement Initiative for a series of events around the question of Christians in Business and the role of faith in social enterprise. 

The weekend was “an excellent example of the possibilities of productive conversation around the theme of faith and global engagement,” reflected Carol Woods, long time MI board member. “There were formal events which included dinners, lectures, and panels and then many points of contact with individual participants.”

The two main public events were a forum and a public lecture. Peter Lynas, National Director of Evangelical Alliance in Northern Ireland and MI board member, moderated the forum, “Faith in Social Enterprise; Does It Make a Difference?” The panel brought together the Marketplace Institute, the Faith and Global Engagment and Excel3 to discuss the theory and experience of faith in regards to social enterprise. Excel3 is an Entrepreneurship and Leadership think-tank focused on supporting and building NGOs in Hong Kong and worldwide. Paul Williams and Michael Hodson then challenged the public with “Business as Usual or Business for Good?: A case for an Alternative”. This public lecture explored how our faith impacts all of life, especially the methods and practices of business. (Click here to view lecture). In addition, two retreats were run for HKU Christian students and faculty focused on integrating faith and academics.

The Marketplace Institute is excited about our continued relationship with HKU's Faith and Global Engagement and looks forward to future opportunities to explore together the questions which emerge as we seek to take the gospel public.

About the Regent College Marketplace Institute

The Marketplace Institute (MI) is a theological research and design institute associated with Regent College in Vancouver, Canada. Our vision is for the gospel to be recognized as public truth again. We want to see Christians owning the gospel in all aspects of their lives, and demonstrating its positive impact at all levels of society—individuals, communities, sectors, and the entire marketplace of ideas. Through our research and our grounding in the calibre of theological education found at Regent College, our mission is to provide and embody fresh, reliable, and well-informed expressions of the gospel that reveal its truth, necessity, and relevance to all spheres of public life.