Join us for "Christians, Media and the Public Square" a workshop with Peter Lynas

January 21, 2014

Thursday, January 24th, 12:15 - 1:30 PM,  Regent College Rm 100

If you are worried about how Christians are portrayed in the media, how to speak well on difficult issues or the impact all this is having on the church and what we can do about it, then this workshop is for you. Join us this Thursday, January 23rd, at 12:15 pm as Peter Lynas shares from his rich experience of helping Christians cut across the prevailing narrative of our culture and bring life to the public square by inhabiting a different story. We will also explore the importance of language and story in communicating truth as well as addressing some of the difficult issues facing Christians such as gay marriage and abortion.

‘The whole point of Christianity is that is offers a story which is the story of the whole world. It is public truth.’ - Tom Wright

Peter Lynas speaks regularly on the BBC and other media on some of the hot topics facing Christians. He is also involved in training young leaders to better engage in the public square. Peter is the director of Evangelical Alliance in Northern Ireland and Executive Pastor of Causeway Coast Vineyard Church. He is a former barrister and Regent alum who sits on the Regent College Board and the Marketplace Institute Committee. He has previously worked for  a public policy think tank in Cambridge and taught at Belfast Bible College. He speaks regularly on faith, politics, work, justice and ethics.