We are thrilled to announce the ReFrame film series is now available!!

November 05, 2014

After many months of filming and production, the ReFrame course has been launched! 

Visit the brand new ReFrame website to see two full episodes, previews for all 10 sessions, information on leading a course, and to purchase. 

Alistair McIntyre writes, “I can only answer the question, what am I to do, if I can first answer the question ‘of what story or stories do I find myself apart?’  The ReFrame course seeks to address the challenge of connecting faith with modern life by helping course participants locate their individual stories within the larger Biblical story that reframes everything. 

Designed for small groups, ten 40-minute episodes explore how Christ reframes our lives and our world through ted-style lectures with Regent Faculty, and interviews with on the ground practitioners.   Accompanying leader and participant guides provide direction for discussion, and are designed to draw participants into creatively imagining how an encounter with Jesus Christ enables them to live courageously, joyfully, and confidently in their work, families, and regular engagement in the public sphere. 

In 2010, though the leadership of Mark Mayhew, the Marketplace Institute developed ReFrame as a live course, running a number of pilot courses in Vancouver and subsequently on three continents around the globe.  The feed back on these pilot projects was overwhelmingly positive, and thus work on the current film project commenced in 2013 in partnership with The Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation, and Culture

ReFrame Launch events will be taking place in Singapore, HongKong, Washington DC, and Vancouver.  Visit the events portion of our website for more information. 

More information on ReFrame can be obtained on the website at