Work With Us

We place a high value on the role of community within the Marketplace Institute. As an outflow of this value we would like to create multiple avenues for people to participate in the work we are doing.

Pray with us

Our desire is to live faithfully and obediently before God. So naturally, prayer is very important to us. We recognize the importance of the Holy Spirit in guiding and sustaining us in all that we do. We also recognize that our work rises out of God’s invitation to participate in what he is already doing in the world. It is through a culture of regular prayer that we remain attentive to the part we play in his work.


We praise God for the innumerable ways he has been faithful! Here are some answers to your prayers below:

  • ReFrame is launched and available in DVD or Digital Download format.  Thus far, it has been used in more than 27 countries, and we continue to hear that it is a blessing to people.
  • ReFrame has recently been released with French and Spanish subtitles
  • We recently received funding for Korean and Chinese subtitle translation 


We welcome you to join with us in prayer as we seek to do the work we believe God has called us to do. We would especially appreciate your prayers concerning the following. 

  • That we will continue to find ways to "get the word out" regarding ReFrame.  That ReFrame will get into the hands of the people who need it and that it will lead people to encounter the gospel in a way that transforms lives, workplaces, neighbourhoods and communities.  
  • The remaining funding for French and Spanish subtitles will come in. 
  • We are gathering feedback from people who have already ran ReFrame and hope to use this feedback to develop new materials in the future as well as improve how groups use ReFrame going forward.

If you have any particular encouragement to pass along to us, please email us at [email protected].

Support Our Vision

The Marketplace Institute cannot pursue its vision and mission on its own. We recognize that partnering with others in the body of Christ for financial support is a fundamental aspect of Christian life. Your support pours very tangibly into the realization of our vision and mission, and we invite you to take part in it in particular ways.

The current projects that would benefit most from financial support include:

  1. ReFrame: We have fully met our funding target for the ReFrame film efforts. Additional funding for this project would enable us to expand our distribution of the ReFrame materials to a more global audience, including translation efforts. It would also enable us to expand the course curriculum into more specific public sectors from politics to science to education.
  2. The Social Enterprise Incubator: Funding this project would support the global cohort of social entrepreneurs that formed in October 2011 out of the complementary course, Designing Christian Social Enterprises.
  3. We also welcome financial support for ongoing costs of research projects and general operation of the Marketplace Institute.

If you would like more information about our specific projects, please email us.

Make a donation online: Give to the Marketplace Institute
Be sure to specify your desire to fund the Marketplace Institute and, if applicable, a specific project.

Make a donation by mail
Cheques can be made out to “Regent College”, with "Marketplace Institute" put on the memo line, and sent to the following address:
Regent College Marketplace Institute
5800 University Blvd
Vancouver, BC V6T 2E4

Volunteer for us

The Marketplace Institute welcomes ways in which individuals similarly invested in connecting faith with all of life can help us carry out our mission. Below, you will find a number of ways you can get involved in what we are doing. These opportunities largely call for individuals who are comfortable with self-direction.

Articles, Editorials & Reviews

We have a number of outlets by which we disseminate our various research efforts. We are always looking for well-written, critically-engaged pieces on the intersection of Christian faith and the public square—particularly in the areas of Business & Economy, Environment, Science, and Society & Politics. The following are the various outlets for which you can submit an article or editorial:

  • Articles/Media submissions: We regularly post new articles and media we believe stimulate conversation around or challenge current cultural norms as well as current trends in the church. Each post is accompanied by an editorial or summarizing piece. (~100-200 words)
  • Book Reviews: There are a vast number of books we believe are particularly helpful in framing our understanding of our four topic areas. As a way to get you started, we have listed a few books below we would love to have reviewed. Visit our Ideas & Media pages for examples of book reviews already done. (~1000-1500 words)


The MI regularly holds events ranging from forum discussions to larger conferences or our popular gospel narrative course, Reframe. Volunteering at such events is a great way to hear some interesting and renowned speakers. It is also a great way to gain exposure to the types of issues the MI is interested in addressing. These opportunities often afford you free entrance into our events.


Through our many past events and research efforts, we have acquired considerable audio that is often offered for purchase through the Regent Bookstore or has not yet been released to the public. Transcribing audio for us affords you free access to the lectures and talks (though not to be redistributed).

If you would like to volunteer with us or have any questions about the opportunities listed above, please email us at [email protected].

Book List

    Business & Economy
  • Hay, Donald. Economics Today
  • Heilbroner, Robert L. The Worldly Philosophers: The Lives, Times and Ideas of the Great Economic Thinkers
  • Keller, Tim and Katherine Leary Alsdorf. Every Good Endeavor
  • Nelson, Robert. Economics as Religion
  • Van Duzer, Jeff. Why Business Matters to God
  • Volf, Miroslav. Work in the Spirit: Towards a Theology of Work
  • Harris, Peter. Kingfisher's Fire: A Story of Hope for God's Earth
  • Pollan, Michael. The Ominivore’s Dilemma
  • Wilkinson, Loren & Mary-Ruth. Caring for Creation in Your Own Backyard
  • Collins, Francis S. The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief
  • Danielson, Dennis. The Book of the Cosmos
  • Ferngren, Gary B. (Editor). Science and Religion: A Historical Introduction
  • Gould, Stephen Jay. Rocks of Ages: Science and Religion in the Fullness of Life
  • McGrath, Alister E. A Fine-Tuned Universe: The Quest for God in Science and Theology (Gifford Lectures)
  • Polkinghorne, John C. Testing Scripture: A Scientist Explores the Bible 
    Society & Politics
  • Hunter, James Davison. To Change the World: The Irony, Tragedy, and Possibility of Christianity in the Late Modern World
  • Leithart, Peter J. Between Babel and Beast: America and Empires in Biblical Perspective
  • MacIntyre, Alasdair. After Virtue: A Study in Moral Theory, Third Edition
  • O’Donovan, Oliver. The Desire of the Nations: Rediscovering the Roots of Political Theology
  • Williams, Archbishop Rowan. Faith in the Public Square